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Year 4

In 4SW, we have been making our very own dips, proving that even healthy snacks can be delicious as well as nutritious!


1. Preparing our ingredients



2. Tasting our dips


We made guacamole, tzatziki, cheese and chive, houmous and salsa. Ask your child if they can remember the main ingredients in each dip (one of them is very easy!).




At the end of term, 4SW showed off all the amazing Anglo Saxon and Viking artefacts they'd crafted and later traded 'across the border' with 4AH



In 4SW, we have been testing Archimedes' Principle - upthrust and buoyancy. The Anglo Saxons and Vikings were skilled boat builders so we decided to put our

skills to the test. Congratulations go to Freya for building a boat capable of holding 19 multilink cubes before eventually sinking!