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Black Hat Bob

Choose a Green or Red Word that you have read in the story, can you put it into a simple sentence and write it in your Green Writing Book?   


Don’t forget, no pencils yet!  Build your sentence first, is it a super sentence?  Get those Fred fingers ready, we are going to squeeze one word on to each finger to help us remember the sentence.  Keep practising until you know your sentence really well.  What comes at the end of your sentence?  Practise your sentence again and don’t forget a full stop at the end.  

Now you know your sentence really well, have a go at writing it.   

If you need a little help, ask your grown up to do a line for each word in your sentence just like we do at school.   

E.g. The sentence: ‘The cat on the mat’ would look like: ______    ________   ____   _______   ______ – children will then say their sentence, pointing at each line whilst saying the word that they need to write on each one before they start.  


To finish our Phonics learning today, have a little quiet time to read your book all by yourself, maybe you could have a go at reading your own story that you wrote on Tuesday.