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Welcome to Sussex Road School Computing

At Sussex Road, we want children to be confident to explore the possibilities Computing has to offer.  We don’t just want children to be passive users of computers but to become active in using them, and other forms of technology, to solve problems and to consider how they can enhance our lives. 

It’s important to us that children understand how to keep themselves safe online and to have the ability to question what they see and read – whether that be when communicating with others online or considering the reliability of the results of a Google search. 

The children at Sussex Road are encouraged to question how the games they play online work and challenged to code their own so that they aspire, not just to use, but to design and create as well.  We give the children opportunities to explore a range of programs and technology so that they can evaluate each and make appropriate choices as to their suitability for different tasks. 

By the time the children leave us, we want them to be ready for the challenges and possibilities that living in a digital age presents us with and to have the skills to use different forms of technology with confidence.