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Demon Dentist



Year 4, we hope you have enjoyed reading/listening to Demon Dentist so far this term! As the term comes to an end, so does the book! 

Gradually over this next week we will be uploading the remaining Chapters. It is up to you when or if you choose to find out what happens to Alfie and who is placing the mysterious, gruesome and peculiar items under the children's pillows! 


As stated in the original post, we are very lucky to have been able to share this book with you virtually. To comply with copyright and permissions, the videos will be deleted. So far, chapters Prologue and Chapters 1 - 9 have been deleted. The remaining videos will be removed on June 1st ready for Term 6 Remote Learning to commence.


We are in contact with publishing companies and authors to confirm what we can do next term! Keep your eyes peeled on the website for when your next book will be revealed ! 


Happy reading/listening 




For the Chapter readings click the link below!


Remember to access this page you need to use the username and password which was emailed/texted to all parents/guardians.