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Earth Day Pledges

Earth Day 2021

Sussex Road Community- Showing Tonbridge we care!


This past year has been difficult for everyone with the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to show our community that we care and can look after the surrounding area for us to enjoy as well as others. Throughout the pandemic we have seen lots of people helping each other and working together to get through these difficult times. We want to add to this by making Sussex Road and Tonbridge a better place to live.

Each class has decided on a pledge that they will be working on for the rest of the academic year. This is based on a theme that they think is important to our community. The have then designed a logo to represent their pledge. Each class is monitoring the impact of their pledge and working together to support our local community.


Year R


‘We can care for all creatures’

Year R have made a pledge to look after the wildlife that lives in the surrounding areas to our school. We are currently growing some seedlings which we plan to sell at a plant sale to raise money to buy equipment to make bird and insect homes. We also hope the plants we sell will support biodiversity in the local area.


Year 1


Year 1 love to be kind, how many can you find? The students in Year 1 are looking for acts of kindness in their community and compiling a tally chart when they see this happen.  Acts of Kindness can really help with our mental health and how we respect the environment around us.

Year 2


2AW's pledge is to cut down our electricity consumption.. 


We want to..


Be green and turn off the screen.

Be bright and turn off the light.

Be a hero and open a window.

Break the habit to save our planet 🌍👍


2EB have decided that they are going to walk school. Those children that live to far from school, will park a little away and walk in. 

Year 3

3MH think that looking after the environment starts with individual actions, so every day our Eco-Warrior checks that we tidy our belongings, turn the lights off, recycle all paper and water bottles and ensure the tap is turned off.  Our goal is to start taking responsibility in our classroom community until it becomes second nature to then look after our bedrooms, houses, gardens and local parks.  Our motto is THINK TIDY as EVERY DAY is EARTH DAY!

Year 4

4BP's pledge is to look after our world better by recycling more frequently, hence the slogan, 'Recycling everyday makes the world go YAY!' This will be achieved by recycle monitors collecting recyclable waste from lunchtimes and tallying the total amount per week.


Year 5



5AH's pledge is: Walk, Scoot and Cycle to School. Say No to Fossil Fuel. 


We decided on this pledge, as we feel strongly about the impact of exhaust fumes on the planet. Also, we felt if we encouraged the year 5 classes to get more exercise, it would benefit their mental health too. We are monitoring our progress with a tally chart every day, so that we can see which class is the best at keeping to the pledge. 


Year 6

6PO has agreed to clean our school and local community of litter so that plants and animals will be able to flourish.