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Week 2


Monday 30th March

Week 1



Monday 23rd March

A butterfly's tongue is called a proboscis. It is a long, curled up tube that unfurls to enable the butterfly to drink the nectar from the flower. Bees have this type of tongue too. My favourite butterfly is the Speckled Wood. It spends most of its time in the trees drinking honeydew. 


Tuesday 24th March


Here are two more photographs of birds in my garden that I took recently. The first one is a Dunnock, they spend most of their time hiding in amongst the leaves. They look similar to Sparrows but they have a different shaped beak. The second one is a Goldfinch. The Goldfinches that visit my garden love eating sunflower hearts.


Wednesday 25th March

Here is something I can see in my garden, the bee hotel. I've put it up here to see who will visit but we will be able to place it by the pond when we are all back at school. It had to be placed quite carefully, 1-3 metres off the ground and in a south-facing position.

Next week we'll be looking at bees in more depth, I can't wait, they're fascinating.










Thursday 27th March

I checked on the tadpoles in my pond today. They are still only small but they are enjoying laying in the shallows where the water is warmer. I'll be keeping a record of their development, can you remember what their next stage is called?


You can see a pond snail in the first photo too, helping to keep the water clear.