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Friday 15th May 2020

We're at the end of another week Year 6!  Well done!  Weather's looking good for the weekend so get some sun and fresh air if you can safely do so.

And...on a slightly sad note (hankies at the ready) this is the last day that we are working on The Arrival. We hope that you have enjoyed this book and the activities which we designed to go with it. We are all in agreement that you have done brilliantly; it was a big ask expecting you to do a full term's work when many of you didn't even have the book! Thank you for sticking with it and producing such impressive writing (and models, art, creatures...)!

Advance notice here! We are doing biographies from Monday. Have a think - who do you admire? Who would you like to find out more about? We will give you all the information which you will need on Monday - and some great examples to look at. 



Word of the Day prudent


definition    word class    syllables    synonyms    antonyms    use



Set up a scavenger hunt: you need to find 26 different things around the house, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.  What to increase the challenge?  They all have to fit on a dinner plate!


Independent Reading

Many of you have said that Audible is good for accessing free audio books. Give it a try if you haven’t had a go yet – remember, it is free to use during ‘lockdown’.

Alternatively, find somewhere quiet to read your book. Remember, if you have finished a good book recently, please write a book review – we’ll see if we can get some more recommendations going! Mrs Kempe is going to rope her son into writing a book recommendation for you. He'll be delighted wink



Climate Change

Find and Copy & Underline or Highlight



It’s Friday which means it is maths challenge day. Enjoy.



If you haven’t already had a break, take one now – you’ve earned it!


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

The adjectives in the passage have become muddled. First, underline all the adjectives. Then, re-arrange them so they make sense.  How many ways can you do it? Which way is most effective? Can you up-level the vocabulary? (Remember, an adjective describes a noun - the green hat - green is the adjective!)


The wonderful walls were covered with the glowing shelves that bowed under the pink weight of empty crowns, carved piles of rusted coins, gleaming keys and steep bracelets.  Crumbling strings of golden pearls and glistening necklaces of white jewels hung from stupendous hooks.   Sitting on a glittering shelf was a wooden owl.  Suddenly, it blinked at her and muttered, “Don’t stare!”


The Arrival

Edit and improve time. See below!



Thinking about all your lunches this week, do you think you’ve got a balance of colours across the five days?  What about a balance of macronutrients?



We’re sticking with RE today.

Over dinner?

Philosophical Question

What makes you you?

Final day of The Arrival writing!