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Friday, 19th June 2020

Hello Year 5 or Привет (pronounced pree-vyet) as they say in Russia!

We are so pleased that you are all enjoying The Ancient Egyptian topic, with your Book Of the Dead, I am sure it is the gruesome nature of the subject. However, we think it is totally fascinating too and have enjoyed researching it ourselves. 


Today's book recommendation comes from Ben Bradley and Robin Treadgold: 'The Skeleton Key', by Anthony Horowitz. 

This is the third book in the Alex Rider series. "Teen spy Alex Rider battles terror from the sun-baked beaches of Miami, all the way to the barren ice fields of Northernmost Russia. Come along for the thrilling ride of a lifetime!" ( - Goodreads).   


 Word of the Day:  Funeral 

Look up what the word means, what word group it belongs to, place it accurately into a sentence and work out what prefixes/ suffixes could be added (remember this last one doesn't always count!). 


09:00 - 09:30: Reading.

Read for 15mins OR read to the end of the next chapter. 

Now, complete the 60-Second Reading Comprehension 'Built to Last' - think about the types of questions you're being asked and which 'dog' will sniff out the answer for you!


09:30 - 10:30: Mathematics.

Catch-Up Session OR Challenge Session (you choose!). 

You could use this time to revise and go over any previous areas of learning that you're unsure of... OR if you're feeling okay, work through Friday 19th June - Maths Task Sheet.


10:30 - 10:45: Break/ Snack/ Exercise. 

Have a snack and try to get some fresh air if possible. 

Cricket: Bowling! Watch the video below to perfect your bowling technique: 

  • What are the 3 tips you need to remember to bowl a ball in cricket? Have a go! 


10:45 - 11:15: SPaG. 

Have a go at the Revision Spelling Sheet: Words ending in -cious.

Remember to have a go at Lexia/ Spellzone! 


11:15 - 12:15: English/Writing.  Pyramids! 

Of course, one of the tombs your sarcophagus would have been taken to, would be a pyramid! 

  1. Create a pyramid using the template. 
  2. Watch the 5 clips, starting with: (The other clips run after each other and are on the right of your screen!). 
    • Or, you could use the attached sheet on pyramids too or any other information books you have! 
  3. On each side of the pyramid, write or stick notes about:
    • What you have found out about, 
    • Why, 
    • How the pyramids were constructed! 


12:15 - 1:15: Lunch/Exercise. 

Try to get some fresh air if it is safe and appropriate to do so.


1:15- 1.30: Quiet Reading Time:

Listen to Chapter 16 of the Time Travelling Cat. A mysterious tale that will take you back to Ancient Egypt. Click on our remote audio book page. We will be using this book later on in the term. 


1:30 - 2:45: Enquiry: PSHE 

Today, we're looking at the the special people in our community! 

Complete the PSHE Sheet in the resources! 


2:45 - 3:00: Philosophical Question. 

Today's Question: What is time?

Spend some time during dinner or at some point in the evening, discussing this with the other people at home! We're sure there will be some interesting responses.

We look forward to hearing about your responses! 


Yesterday's Q: Who decides what is normal?

Mrs. Hudson: I think we are all normal in some areas of our life and different in others. For example, you may think it is normal to play football on a Saturday morning or read every night at bedtime. My normal is reading at bedtime, but it wouldn't be normal for me to play football on a Saturday morning. However, I encouraged my son to and I know so many of you love it. So maybe who decides are our parents, who instil certain values, but fundamentally it is up to us as we grow. Now we are talking about the new normal. What will this mean to us?

Miss Martin: I remember learning about this when I studied psychology in sixth form! Almost, what do we consider 'normal' and what isn't 'normal'? I think the only way we have a 'normal' is when you look at what the majority of people do in a certain situation... But does normal even exist? Everyone has very different ways of life, how can we say what normal and what isn't? 


We look forward to hearing your responses! Log in on Monday for more wonderful learning! Have a great  evening.