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Friday 22nd May 2020

Today is Forest School Day!


...and the last day of Term 5!  We are so very proud of how you have tackled each learning challenge set since we began our Remote Learning.  If you haven't already, please update your child's Tapestry Journal so that we know how they are getting on and can provide the best support.  

We hope you have a super week off from your school learning, stay safe and keep being awesome. 


Before 0900- Wake Up and Get Dressed

Get ready for the day with independence; have a wash, dress yourself, eat breakfast and brush your teeth. 


0900-0930 - Reading 

Choose a book of your choice to read to yourself or share it with someone in your family, discuss it and enjoy it.   

You could log on to Tapestry to listen to one of the teachers read a story!  Which Mystery Teacher will be reading your story today?  What did you like about the story?  Why? 

You could also watch a CBeebies bedtime story if you would like to, or search Youtube for stories.   

Good children’s authors to search for include: Julia Donaldson, Oliver Jeffers, Giles Andreae, Sophy Henn, Morag Hood, Jill Murphy, Emily Gravett, Nick Sharratt. 


0930-1000- Maths Challenge 

Warm up by counting to 20, forwards and backwards.  You can watch Ms Woolford's video on Tapestry if you want to.


Choose another challenge today from the appropriate level grid - these were uploaded on Monday 18th in the 'Additional Resources' section.  We hope that these Maths Challenges are really giving your child the opportunity to review and secure their learning from this term.     


1000-1030- Home Learning Challenge (to continue after Break Time until 1130) 

You can choose to do a challenge from any of the Home Learning Challenge grids or do some PE activities - don't forget to share with us on Tapestry!


1030-1100 Break Time 

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc.  with a glass of milk or water.  Take some time to relax, maybe you could listen to another story online.   


1100 - 1130- Home Learning Challenge 

Continue your Home Learning Challenge that you started – don’t forget to try and upload it to Tapestry so that we can see it!  


1130 - 1200 – Writing Challenge 

Warm up by doing some handwriting practice - today is 'w'.  You could watch Mrs Cunningham's video to help you. 


Now that you have made your own life cycle, can you label it?  Can you add information about each stage of your life? 

You could write your age and maybe something you could or couldn’t do. Maybe you could include information about the things you liked or disliked. 

You could always add an extra bit to your life cycle of what you want to do when you grow up!


1200 - 1300 - Lunchtime 


1300- 1330 - Phonics 

Open Tapestry and watch the video ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds.’  Say the sounds along with Miss Bailey; can you remember them all and say them before she does?  You should watch and say your Speed Sounds every single day.   

For Phonics today, revisit the two new sounds that we have learnt this week - or and air - can you remember them both?

After you have recapped your new sounds, we would like you to choose a story from the Oxford Owl website to read.  Follow the link below and create a free login to read a book independently. 

Choose a book suitable for your child.  Books go in order - 1) Sound Blending - 2) Red - 3) Green - 4) Purple - 5) Pink.  Other books are read in Year 1.  Children should be able to read all words in a book independently. 


1330 Onwards- Forest School 

It is time to go to Forest School with Mrs Holmes.  Follow the link below to her Forest School page and click on any of the days on there to select your challenge.

Don't forget to post your Forest School challenges on Tapestry so that Mrs Holmes can see all of brilliant things you have been doing.  


When you have finished, enjoy some free time to yourself or to spend with your family.   

We hope you have had a lovely day and we can’t wait to see your uploads on Tapestry.