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Friday 22nd


Hello Friday! It’s the end of the week, but not the end of our learning journey. We will keep on giving it our best in everything we are asked to do!


Here is your suggested timetable for the day 



  • Watch the video ‘Odd and Even Numbers’ on today’s page. 
  • Work through all the questions to understand what numbers are odd and what numbers are even. 
  • Have a go at the problem solving and reasoning questions. 

Remember to explain/prove how you got to your answer. 


9:45 – 10 

  • Head to Tapestry to find your group’s assigned phonics/SPaG activity. 


10 - 10:40 

  • Grab a healthy snack and get outside for some fresh air for a run around, a kick around or a bit of fresh air. 

Class Zoom 

10:40 – 11:10 

  • Come and join us for a catch up, online lesson or to ask any questions you might have. 


11:10 – 11:45 

  • Watch the video of Katie and the Starry Night from 3.51 to the end. 
  • Look at pictures to go up with the start of the story. 
  • Remind yourself of the features of a diary entry (look at the table). 
  • Finish your diary entry up to the end of the story. 


11:45 - 12 

  • Watch the homophone video
  • Look through the Homophone PDF. 
  • Circle the correct homophone to match the pictures (1-12) 
  • Cross out the wrong homophone to make the sentences make sense. 


12 - 1 

  • Enjoy some lunch and get outside for fresh air. 


1 – 1:30 

  • Enjoy some free reading! 


1:30 – 2:30 

  • Visit the ‘Change 4 Life’ website to find some 10 minute shake up games. 
  • Pick 4-6 different activities to have a go at. 


2:30 - 3 

  • Discuss where is special to you and why. 
  • Think about how you feel when you’re there and your senses. 
  • Draw a picture of how you feel when you’re in your special place. 
  • Write any questions you might have about Mosques for next week. 



Odd and Even