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Friday 26th

Happy Friday!


Well done for completing another week of Home Learning!
Only one more week till you're all back in school, and we're so excited laugh


Today on Zoom we'll be becoming characters from the Great Fire of London so remember to join in character.


Today we'd like you upload your English work to Tapestry yes



Here is your suggested timetable for the day


  • Watch the video ‘Counting edges on 3D shapes’ on the Year 2 page.
  • Complete questions 1-7.
  • Extension: Have a go at the problem solving and reasoning questions.


  • Head to Tapestry to find your group’s assigned phonics/SPaG activity.


  • Grab a healthy snack and get outside for some fresh air for a run around, a kick around or a bit of fresh air.

Class Zoom

2AW – 10:40

2EB – 11:45

  • Today we’ll all be becoming different people from the Great Fire of London. Prepare to be in the hot seat and answer questions in your character.
  • Come and join us for a lesson but also for a catch up and to ask any question you have.


  • Make sure to join us on the zoom today as it’ll help you get in to character for today’s challenge.
  • Choose a character from the Great Fire of London you’d like to pretend to be today.
  • Pick 4 of the scenes of the Great Fire of London from the table to draw.
  • Add speech bubbles to show what your character might have said in each scene.


Today there are 2 SPaG activities.
Everyone needs to have a go at Activity 1.

  • Practise the spellings following the instructions in the table.
  • Fill in the missing words in the sentences using the spelling you have practised.

Activity 2 is optional but if you have received a text telling you to complete Activity 2 please do.

  • Watch the video recapping the adding 'er' and 'est' and have a go at the activities along the way.
  • Complete the questions on adding the suffixes 'er' and 'est'


  • Enjoy some lunch and get outside for fresh air.


  • Read along with or listen to Miss Williams read ‘Fire Cat’.
  • Discuss your answers to the questions in the video.


  • Read ‘Lucy in Lockdown’ and think about all the emotions she is feeling during this time at home.  
  • How could she deal with her feelings and make them better?  
  • Have a go at the activity at the end of the story to share how you felt today at home. 

Word of the Day:                  interview


Word Class:










An interview is a conversation where questions and asked and answers are given.

If you interview someone you are questioning them.







The lady was nervous because she had an interview for a new job.







meeting (noun)









Count edges on 3D shapes

Adding -er and -est (SPaG Activity 2)

Still image for this video

Fire Cat Story

Still image for this video