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Friday 26th February 2021

Before 0900- Wake Up and Get Dressed

Get ready for the day with independence; have a wash, dress yourself, eat breakfast and brush your teeth.


0900-0930 - Reading

Log on to Tapestry to listen to one of the teachers read this week’s story for the final time! 

Today we have some comprehension questions about the story to discuss and answer.   

1. If you went on safari, which animals would you like to see?  

2. What is your favourite animal in the story?  Why? 

3. What is your least favourite animal in the story?  Why?  

4. Choose an animal from the story, can you describe it in your own words? 

5. Do you think that ‘The Ugly Five’ are ugly?  Or are they beautiful?  Why?  

6. Should we love all animals?  Why?  Why not?  


0930-1000- Maths Challenge

Warm up by counting to 10, forwards and backwards. 


Your Maths learning each day will begin by watching a video on the White Rose Maths website.  Watch the video and then complete the challenge found in the 'Additional Resources' section at the bottom of the page.  


White Rose – Building 9 & 10 - Week 1 - Session 5 -   


At the bottom of the page there are also some Additional Maths Challenges. These are only to be completed after the initial White Rose lesson and challenge. Only complete them if they are appropriate for your child, or you have spare time in your day.  


1000-1045- PE

This term in PE we are going to be learning a dance about African animals to the song 'Waka Waka' by Shakira. Head over to Tapestry and watch the video of Miss Marchant and Mrs Cunningham teaching you the first part of the dance. Try and join in and follow your teachers. Keep practising the moves until you can remember them without having to watch. We will also be going over this in our zoom lesson today. 

We would also like you to spend some time on one of the skipping challenges. The videos demonstrating these can be found on Tapestry. 

1045-1115 Break Time

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc. with a glass of milk or water.  Take some time to relax, maybe you could listen to another story online. 


1115 - 1145- Live Daily Zoom Session

Don't forget to log into zoom for our daily session. It will be great to see you all and a chance to catch up with all your friends.


1145 - 1215 – PSHE Challenge - A Ticket Around the World

For PSHE we would be learning about a different country every Friday.  Where will we be going today? 


Today’s country is France!  Log on to Tapestry to watch the video for this week. 


After watching the video, discuss: Would you like to live here?  How is it the same/different to where you live?  How would you get there?  What would you wear for your travels around the country (is it hot or cold)? 


To explore the country a little more, choose a challenge (or two) from the grid below:



Make the country’s flag.



Make or build a famous building or landmark.



Learn a traditional song.



Learn to say hello / goodbye in the language native to the country.


Research a native animal.

Count to 5 in the language native to the country.


There is also an episode of Go Jetters which visits this country. The link can be found below:


1215 - 1300 - Lunchtime


1300- 1330 – Phonics
Open Tapestry and watch the video ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds.’  Say the sounds along with the video; can you remember them all and say them first?  You should watch and say your Speed Sounds every single day. 
After warming up with your Speed Sounds, watch your Phonics Lesson video on Tapestry.


1330 Onwards-Forest School

It is time to go to Forest School with Mrs Holmes. 

Follow the link below to Mrs Holmes' Forest School page where you can find a range of activities to try.

Don't forget to post your Forest School challenges on Tapestry so that Mrs Holmes can see all of the brilliant things you have been doing. 


We hope you have had a lovely day and we can’t wait to see your PE Challenge on Tapestry.