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Friday 27th March

Aaah, the sun keeps shining, isn’t that great? J

You have very nearly made it through the first week of home learning, whoop whoop!!

One day to go before the weekend – you can do this!!


8:50am Word of the Day – personification

Find out what it means and its word class (adjective, noun, verb, adverb?).  Write it in your book. How about trying to use it commenting on your reading or English work today?


9am Joe Wicks PE workout (YouTube)

I’m right there with you, aching from yesterday…but still smilingJ.


9:30am Read to an adult

Think about your reading, write three sentences to explain what happened or what you learnt in your reading today.

(Write the short date, book title, pages read and sentences in your exercise book.) 


10am GoNoodle and Maths

GoNoodle - 

Maths - Fractions of amounts 2. See sheet below. Work in your Maths book.


11am Take a Break


11:20am  Grammar and Spelling

Ooops! Someone’s made a lot of spelling mistakes! Can you correct them? See sheet.


11:30 am Write your own stanza for The River poem

See sheet below.  Write the work in your exercise book.


12:30pm Lunch


1:30pm Diary Entry

How was your first week of home learning? Keeping a diary is a record for the future and these are very strange times! So turn to the back of your writing book, write the date and tell your diary how it’s going in your home. You can draw and write your thoughts and feelings.


2:15-2:30 Break


2:30-3:15 PE

Yes! Time to put those trainers back on and get moving!

See the sheet below for your workout session.


Celebrate!  You're done! It’s the weekend J Yay!  Have you worked your socks off this week? Will you miss us tomorrow? Don’t worry, we’ll be back Monday! J