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Friday 29th January 2021

08:45 - 09:00 - Word of the Day


What does it mean? 

Can you think of synonyms and antonyms? 

What word class does it belong to: adjectives, verbs, nouns or adverbs? 

How many syllables does the word have? 

Can you include it in a sentence? Remember capital letters and punctuation. 


09:00 - 09:30 - Reading 

Shirley Chisholm 

Read the text all about Shirley Chisholm’s life! The text has been spilt into different subheadings to make it easier to find information. Answer the questions on the sheet. It might be helpful to underline key words in the questions to remind you of what to look for.  


09:30 - 09:50 -SPaG

Direct Speech 

Work through the practice examples in the Punctuating Speech powerpoint. Then complete the Direct Speech – Questions. Both can be found in Learning Resources.


09:50 - 10:30 - Zoom Call


10:30 - 10:45 - Break Time

Have a drink, exercise or get some fresh air if you can!


10:45 - 11:30 - Maths

Dividing a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number 

Today you will be learning how to divide using different methods. Take a look at this video and then have a go at the White Rose worksheet. 


Finished? Would you like a challenge?   

Have a go at working out the Day 5 Challenge. The document is in the learning resources. 


11:30 - 12:30 - English

You are going to write your informal letter to a friend. Your letter should follow the structure we have looked at closely this week. Use the Ella’s Story powerpoint to remind yourself of the key events. Use Wednesday’s Planning Frame to help you – this has all your notes for each key event. Look back at Thursday’s Sentence Stems to help you develop your ideas into full sentences.


12:30 - 13:30 - Lunch Time


Afternoon - Wider Curriculum 


There is lots of vocabulary today so please make sure you read the Lesson Plan and take time to practise the model sentences and watch the videos. You will be stating what you like and dislike and reporting the likes /dislikes of others. Here some examples of the model vocabulary you will be doing today. 


‘Tu aimes la glace?’ – You like ice cream? 

J’adore ҫa! = I love that! 

Elle adore le glace = She loves ice cream 


Story Time

Listen to 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Today you will be listening to Chapter 10 and 11.



Learning Resources