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Friday 3rd July

Good morning Year 3!   Whoop!  Whoop!  It’s Friday and it’s going to be a fun (and easy) day. After Maths and Spelling, you will be looking at smoothie packaging and then planning your own smoothie brand.  Get your plan done this week so next week you are ready to start designing your packaging on the computer. Then it’s PSHE and an afternoon in Forest School. What a great end to the week. 


8:50am Word of the Day – minerals 

Find out what it means.  Write it in your book. 


9am  Read to an adult 

Write the short date, book title and pages read in your exercise book. 

Reminder, if you are working on Lexia, you should be using it 15 minutes today as well. 


9:30am GoNoodle and Maths 

GoNoodle -  


Maths – Add and Subtract Capacity 

Please see the lesson and White Rose questions from yesterday and continue from where you stopped. All the attachments can be found on yesterday’s page. 


10:30am  Break 


10:45am Grammar and Spelling 

 Please complete ‘often’ or do Spellzone. 


11:15 am DT – Planning your own smoothie packaging 

Please open Smoothie Packaging – Existing Product Evaluation   


12:15pm Lunch 


1:15pm  PSHE - Charity Job Week 


1:45pm Forest School 


3:00- 3:15pm Story Time - Would You Rather 

Today’s story Would You Rather is on the Books & Audio page.  Hopefully it will get you and your family thinking. Be sure to give your reasons. 


Today’s Brainsqueezer: Do you think robots will eventually take over the world? Why or why not? 


Have a super weekend! laugh