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Friday 5th March

Good Morning Year 3

BRING YOUR PET TO ZOOM DAY:  We will give you time to collect your pets during the Zoom call, so don't worry about trying to sit there wrestling a mischievous hamster or disappearing guinea pig as we all log on to the call.  


Today, the piece of learning we would like you to upload to Tapestry is something that you are proud of either from this week or any other week of the time you have been learning at home. 


9:00- 9.15 Word of the Day/Flashback 4 

                    Please write the short date 05.03.21, WOD, definition and a sentence of your own.  

                    Below WOD show your workings and the answers to Flashback 4.  

                    We will check Flashback 4 during the live session. 


9.15-9.45 English – Oak Academy – Lesson 10 To write compound sentences for a non-chronological report 


9.50-10.35 Live Zoom 


10:35-1050 Guided Reading - Finish off the week by reading about and answering questions about sharks. 


10:50-11.05 Break - Get a drink, possibly a piece of fruit and some fresh air. 


11.05-12.05 Maths – The last lesson of the week is called Measure Perimeter and the link is 


12.05-12.10 The Sid Shuffle – Ice Age: Continental Drift 


 12.10-12.30 Spelling Complete Year 3 – 4 Spelling 6 

Use the Year 3-4 word mat to help you. 


12:30-1:00 Lunch play 

1:00-1.30 Lunch in classroom/your own kitchen.  Is there anything you can help prepare for dinner tonight? 


1:35-2:35  PE – Swimming Lesson 2  


2:35  Go Noodle break - Feel It Still


2:40-3:15 Times table Rockstars 

                   Take some time to practise your times tables on 

                   There is no competition this week.  You all deserve a break.


3:15 Story Time – Listen to Miss Hooper reading Varjak Paw by SF Said 


Dinnertime Philosophical Question:  If you were abandoned on a Desert Island, which book would take with you? 


Have a relaxing weekend and see you in person on Monday! 

Varjak Paw Chapter 12 part 1

Chapter 12 part 2

Chapter 12 part 3

Chapter 12 part 4

Thank you for all of your hard work.