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Friday 8th Jan

Happy Friday, Year 2!


Well done for nearly completing your first week back to home learning!

Mrs Atkins and I are so proud of all your efforts so far and we thank you for sharing all your fabulous learning on Tapestry laugh



Here is your suggested timetable for the day


(9 - 9:45am)

  • Watch the video ‘Multiplication Sentence from Pictures’ on today’s page.
  • Complete the number sentences to match the picture.
    Can you spot a relationship between any of the number sentences?
  • Draw pictures to match the multiplication number sentences.
  • Have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions.

Remember to explain your answer to show you really understand the question. This can be done verbally with someone in your house.


(9:45 - 10am)

  • Head to Tapestry to find your group’s assigned phonics/SPaG activity.


(10 - 10:40am)

  • Grab a healthy snack and get outside for some fresh air for a run around, a kick around or a bit of fresh air.

Class Zoom

(10:40 - 11:10am)

  • Join us today to talk about today's learning and ask any questions you have.


(11:10am - 12pm)

Task 1

  • Reread your biography on Vincent van Gogh and check it for errors. If you spot something you can improve use a pen to go over it.

Task 2

  • Watch the 2 Bitesize Videos explaining the rules of sentence writing and the different types of sentences.
  • Flick through the Sentence Types PowerPoint to consolidate your understanding of sentence types.
  • (2a) Write your own example sentences to show the different sentence types.
  • (2b) Join the sentences to the correct sentence type.



  • Enjoy some lunch and get outside for fresh air.


(1 - 1:30pm)

  • Reread or listen to Miss Williams read ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’. Make sure to appreciate the illustrations!
  • Design a new front cover for the story. Remember to include the title and author.


(1.30 - 2:15pm)

  • Have a go at the throwing and catching activities.
    Remember your good catching hands! Create big baskets with your hands spreading your fingers apart and pointing up. Once the ball is in your hands bring your hands into chest.


(2.15 - 3pm)

  • Discuss:
     - Who is important to you?
     - How do they make you feel?
     - Can you name something that you can’t see but exists?
     - Where do you think people go to find/feel close to God?
  • Create a drawing (or artwork) showing where you think people can find God.

Multiplication Sentences Using Pictures