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Geography Learning Resources! 

Listed below are a range of different learning resources specifically focused around supporting your child's Geography education! With staying at home being of the upmost importance right now, and everyone playing their part in our global community, these pages allow you to continue questioning, challenging and exploring the world around you.. and all at your fingertips! :-) Enjoy! 

World Ocean Day! - June 8th... 

Do you have a love for the ocean blue and a driven desire to protect it's future? Or maybe you're particularly fond of all things fishy and are an aspiring marine biologist? 

Well, June 8th is World Ocean Day (a whole day dedicated to education us about the importance of our oceans and why we desperately need to look after them for the future). The website below offers a range of different activities, from science to yoga which you can enjoy and dive on in to! 

World Rainforest Day - June 22nd! 

Our world's rainforests are home to some of the most diverse and naturally wonderful creatures and plants! But it's highly at risk in this day and age. So, we need to educate one another as to why it's so important in protecting it and what would happen if we didn't... 

The website listed below, is dedicated to just that! If you are a real advocate for what the future holds for our rainforests, take some time to explore the website below!