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Welcome to Sussex Road School Geography

Geography is part of our everyday lives - something that children don't always realise.  We seek to inspire or harness children's curiosity, fascination and understanding about the diverse world around them, including their place within it.  We believe that greater knowledge of the world around us leads to greater understanding, empathy and connection between us all.  It's important to us that children develop a sense of their place in the world and have the opportunity to explore the different ways in which we are connected - both to each other and to our environment.  Children are encouraged to question why the world is the way it is, not just accept it as it is, and to think about how they can actively shape and participate in the fate of the world's future.

Our Enquiries support the acquisition and development of our key concepts across the school.  We aim to promote progressive geographical skills through meaningful tasks and investigations which lend themselves to questioning and deeper thinking.  We provide opportunities to develop a greater understanding of Tonbridge and immediate area in which we live as well as comparing and contrasting with other places the children may know from travels abroad and some lesser known or more remote parts of the world.


Sussex Road School Geography



Human & Physical

Fieldwork & Research

Similarities and Differences


Year 1

Weather patterns

Four seasons

Physical and human changes to environments

Features of home and school

Data from first and second hand sources


Continents and oceans

Maps, plans, symbols and keys

Year 2


Compass directions

Aerial photographs

Asking and responding to questions – own locality

UK and a non-European country

Four countries of the UK

UK capital cities

Maps and keys

Year 3

Volcanoes and earthquakes


Rivers and the water cycle


Compare the UK and a European country

Countries of Europe

Impact of human and physical geography

Topographical features of the UK

Year 4

Settlements and land use


Observe, measure and record

8 points of the compass


Countries of Europe, North & South America

Equator, hemisphere and tropics

Year 5

Climate zones, vegetation belts, food, environmental impact

Observations and measurements

UK and Mexico

Environmental regions of North America

Latitude and longitude, Prime Meridian and time zones

Changes in land use over time

Year 6

Environmental zones of Europe, North & South America

Maps, atlases, globes & digital mapping

Climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts

4 and 6 figure grid references

Recording observations and measurements

UK and Europe, North & South America

Physical and human characteristics of UK cities and changes over time