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Welcome to Sussex Road School History

Through our History curriculum, we want children to develop a sense of curiosity and not just take things at face value.  Children are encouraged to learn about the past by asking questions and challenging the things that they learn.  We want children to be inspired by the people of the past and by what they have achieved.  We aim to develop reflective thinkers who can see the mistakes of the past and understand how not to repeat them in the future.  Through our Enquiries and the different periods in the past that the children learn about, we seek to make comparisons with our lives today and to see how the past has influenced how we live our lives today.

We follow a concept-based curriculum focusing on continuity and change, significance, cause and consequence and finding similarities and differences.  We revisit these concepts several times throughout the children's primary school learning journey, allowing children to make connections with their previous knowledge.  The children learn about the past from a range of sources, including videos, artefacts, visitors, pictures/photographs, diary entries, etc.


Sussex Road School History



Continuity & Change


Similarities and Differences

Cause & Consequence

Year 1

Significant individuals in the past


Changes within living memory


Year 2


Events beyond living memory

UK and a non-European country

Significant historical events in the locality

Year 3



Stone Age to Iron Age

Ancient Greece

Year 4

Local history study

Anglo-Saxons, Scots & Vikings



Year 5


Early civilisation (Ancient Egypt)

Non-European society (Ancient Maya)


Year 6

An aspect of British history beyond 1066



The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain