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How can children practise number facts at home?


A great way of reinforcing knowledge and learning outside of the classroom is to practice what they've learned at home. Here are some practical suggestions for ways you can support your child's learning of number facts:

  • Encourage children to say the whole calculation and answer aloud, not just the answer (for example 7 x 6 = 42 if you are practising times tables verbally).
  • Practise regularly but for short periods at a time. Try not to let them get bored, so they'll be just as enthusiastic next time!
  • Make it fun by playing games! Whether it's board gamesinteractive Maths games, or physical activities involving numbers, playing games is a great way to keep children interested and excited to learn.
  • Help your child design their own number facts poster and display it in their room or on the fridge.
  • Take advantage of real-life contexts such as shopping, laying the table, planting seeds in rows, organising and sharing out toys or snacks, etc. to help you introduce number facts into everyday life