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Welcome to Sussex Road School Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) - French

At Sussex Road, we see the teaching of modern foreign languages as a way of opening the door to other cultures for the children.  We focus on teaching French as the language of our nearest neighbours and because we have a shared history with France.

Our aim is to foster children's natural curiosity and to deepen their understanding of the world through learning about the countries where French is spoken.  Children are given the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and respond to its speakers both in speaking and writing.  By equipping children with the skills to learn a new language, we are broadening their horizons for the future and introducing children to the possibilities of studying and working abroad.


Sussex Road School MFL



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All about me

Simple French phrases and greetings

Awareness of where French is spoken

Cultural differences

Jeux et Chansons

Games and songs

Count to 20

Favourite games

On Fait la Fete


Achievements in games and activities

Names of the months Birthday greeting



Main parts of the body


Les Quatre Amis

The four friends

Animals: colour and movement

Listen and respond to a story

Ca Pousse!

Growing things

Names of some vegetables

Likes and dislikes



Quel Temps Fail-Il?

What’s the weather like?

Phrases to talk about the weather - including the temperature

Clothes needed for different weathers

On y Va!

All aboard!

French speaking world Days of the week

Phrases relating to transport and the weather

L’Agent de Poche

Pocket money

Manipulate numbers


Express likes and dislikes


Raconte-Moi une Histoire!

Tell me a story!

Simple adjective agreement and French sounds/spellings in the context of a fairy tale

Le Carnaval des Animaux

The carnival of the animals

Names of some animals

Tell the time


Vive le Sport

Our sporting lives


Healthy and unhealthy eating habits



Bon Appetit, Bonne Sante

Healthy eating

Revise and extend language about healthy and unhealthy eating

Les Planetes

The planets

Awareness of sentence structure in the context of planets.

En Route Pour l’Ecole

On the way to school

Give and understand simple directions using familiar landmarks

Je Suis le Musicien

I am the music man

Discuss musical tastes

Talk about musical instruments


Le Retour deu Printemps

The return of spring

Use familiar language in new contexts (months, weather, colours)

Scene de Plage

Beach scene

Use new and familiar language to describe a beach scene



Notre Ecole

Our school

Talk about our school

Compare it to schools in France

Notre Monde

The world around us

Compare the geography of France and French speaking countries

Le Passe et Le Present

Then and now

Revisit previously learnt language (towns, clothes, colours) and use in a new context

Ici et La

Out and about

Express and justify opinions about leisure activities


Monter un Café

Setting up a café

Extend familiar language (food and drink) in a new context: ‘buying’ food in a café

Quoi de Neuf?

What’s in the news?

Extend previously learnt language to express opinions about the media