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Letters from the Lighthouse

Good news!  We have permission from the author (Emma Carroll) and publisher (FaberChildren) to record the final few chapters of Letters from the Lighthouse and post them on here so we can finish the story together.

In case you missed Emma Carroll live on YouTube, here's the link:

She reads one of the earlier chapters from the story and then makes a link between the events in that chapter and the situation we are in now before setting two challenges you could do.

Sukie's coded note

At the point where we left the story, Olive had yet to work out what the note meant.  There are further clues as the story develops: can you work it out before Olive does?



I  26  8  T/U  I

J  26  9  16  19  12  6  8  I

B  26  T - 50.26

B 12 13 20 +3.6


Good luck!