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Welcome to Sussex Road School Mathematics


At Sussex Road Primary School, we believe that every child should enjoy maths and be given the right support and guidance, to become a fantastic mathematician. 
We bring the National Curriculum to life with practical and exciting teaching which nourishes the children’s natural curiosity and allows them to become independent learners. We follow a maths mastery approach to the teaching and learning of maths. This involves all children learning and moving together with an emphasis on a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. We follow the White Rose teaching sequence which reflects upon the National Curriculum aims and supports children reason, identify connections and develop fluency.

In every lesson, children are encouraged to use concrete resources to model and explore their maths at a deeper level. We use a “Concrete (make it with resources), Pictorial (draw it), Abstract (write it)” approach, to ensure a solid understanding of what the numbers and calculations mean. Our calculation policy reflects this approach. For example:

From this policy, you will see how all children begin with concrete materials to support and develop their understanding instead of just learning procedures and methods.



 Please take the time to study this policy and explore all the information available to you on this page.