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Welcome to Sussex Road School Mathematics

At Sussex Road School, there are five key principles that underpin our mathematics teaching approach. These five principles enable our pupils to both develop in-depth understanding of a wide variety of mathematical concepts whilst simultaneously secure their knowledge and application of core mathematical skills.


Start with a question

Problem Solving capabilities come from starting with a question, not the answer. Mathematical problem-solving is at the heart of our approach. Pupils are encouraged to identify, understand and apply relevant mathematical principles and make connections between different ideas. This builds the skills needed to tackle new problems, rather than simply repeating routines without grasping the principles.


Students need time to struggle

Pupils must be given time to fully understand, explore and apply ideas - rather than accelerate through new topics.

All learners benefit from deepening their conceptual understanding of mathematics, regardless of whether they've previously struggled or excelled. We believe pupils must be given time to fully understand, explore and apply ideas - rather than accelerate through new topics. This approach enables learners to truly grasp a concept, including the challenge that comes from investigating it in new, alternative and more complex ways.


Teachers are not the answer key

In refusing to be the answer key, our teachers create the space for whole class debate and discussion that is rich in mathematical vocabulary. The way pupils speak and write about mathematics transforms their learning. We use a carefully sequenced, structured approach to introduce and reinforce mathematical vocabulary. We always ask pupils to explain the mathematics in full sentences (not just what the answer is, but how they know it’s the right answer). This is key to building mathematical language and reasoning skills.


Say “yes” to students’ ideas

To dismiss a pupil’s idea out of hand, is disempowering. To have it accepted, studied and disproven, is a mark of respect and fosters a mind set in a classroom of growth and courage. We believe our students' "abilities" are neither fixed nor innate, but can be developed through practice, support, dedication and hard work."Natural talent" is just a starting point and does not determine who has more or less potential to achieve. This belief encourages a love of learning and resilience that enables everyone to achieve.



By enabling our pupils to play and explore with mathematical principles through varying manipulatives, we empower them and they take ownership of those principles. Objects, pictures, words, numbers and symbols are everywhere. Our approach incorporates all of these to help pupils explore and demonstrate mathematical ideas, enrich their learning experience and deepen understanding. Together, these elements help cement knowledge so pupils truly understand what they’ve learnt.