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Ideas to support your child with Maths:


  • How many steps do you walk up to your house/to bed?
  • Can you spot numbers in the environment…e.g. house numbers, road signs?
  • Can you see the different number houses in your street? Which number do you live at, what about your neighbours and friends?
  • Count out the dinner plates, knives/forks/ cups for tea.
  • Count the trees on your way home from school?
  • How many windows are in your house?
  • How many cars are in your road?
  • When shopping, can you count out the different products you need…for example ‘four potatoes’.
  • Play boards games where your child has to roll the dice and move that many spaces e.g. Snakes & Ladders.
  • Card games.
  • Which cuddly toy is the tallest, which is the shortest?
  • Can you see any shapes at home? How about on your way to school?


Count to 20 Song:


2d Shape Song:

How to use Number Cards: 


  • Can you remember the name of the numbers?
  • Can you order the numbers to five, then to ten?
  • Can you order the numbers, hide one number and see if your child can spot the missing number?
  •  Can you match the correct number of toys to the numeral?
  • Show your child a number, can they clap that many times? (hop,jump,click)