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Monday 11th May

Good Morning Year 2

Let's have great week, only 2 more until half term!


Word of the day: empathy

How many sounds does the word have? Use your magic fingers 

What does it mean? Can you look it up in the dictionary?

Why might we need empathy in life?


Philosophical question: Can kindness change the world?

Miss Wilson: I think kindness is contagious - if you do one act of kindness for someone then they are more likely to act kindly  to someone else and it has a chain effect. So if we keep doing kind things that will spread further and make lots of people act kindly.

Miss Williams: I think that kindness is a great power that we all hold. Sometimes people forget to use kindness but when it is used it can make real changes to people and their world.  Kindness can change someone's day from bad to good and when people feel good about themselves they can achieve great things. So I think yes, kindness can change the world.
Remember to use it. 


Here is your timetable for today, remember we would love to see your work.

Send photos or scans to 


Suggested times


9 – 9:30

Joe Wicks PE session

9:30 – 10:30


  •  Introduction to weight thinking about heavier or lighter.
  • Children to find objects around their home and balance them in their hands – which object is heavier, which is lighter?
  • Children to draw a table in their books and then sort the items into heavy or light.
  • Use the heavier, lighter or the same as vocabulary to describe some balance scales.

10:30 – 10:45


Get outside in the garden for a kick around, run around or a bit of fresh air.

10:45 – 11:10

SPaG - Unit 6 (p19) adding the suffix –ness

  • Have an adult test you on your speed spell with 6 words from unit 5, did you get them right?
  • Look at this week’s spelling zone adding the suffix –ness. What happens to a word when we add it on?

11:10 – 12:00


  •  Planning your own fictional Great Fire of London story.
  • Look at Miss Williams’ story plan example.
  •  Discuss your ideas for your story with someone. Use the questions to help you.
  • Write down your answers to the questions for your story plan.  

12:00 – 1:00


Go outside for a bit of fresh air and play a game!

1:00 – 1:30


  •  Read or listen to Chapter 7 'Beth makes toffee for Moon-Face'.
  • Discuss what you think Beth and Frannie should do next.

1:30 – 3:00

Forest School


Have a go at learning the Fire of London song


End of the day

Enjoy spending some down time with your family.

Maths teaching video

Still image for this video
Maths starter with our Flashback 4.
We are looking at heavier or lighter objects today. So watch and have a go with Miss Wilson and then have a go in your own homes!

Mary and the Great Fire of London

Still image for this video
Just in case you want to refresh your memory on what happens in this fictional story based on a real event.

Chapter 7 - Beth makes toffee for Moon-Face

Great Fire of London song

Have a go at learning the words maybe even the actions too!