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Monday 18th January 2021

Welcome to Week 3 of Remote learning! We hope you had a good weekend and managed you get some fresh air. This week we have some exciting learning for you to complete, from Science, skipping to Newspaper reports. You are doing so well so far on our zoom calls and uploading your work. You are amazing. Keep it up. 

Keep uploading your work on Tapestry. We love to see it. 


09:00 - 09:45: Class Daily Zoom Session! 

It's been lovely to have so many of you join us for the calls so far. Make sure you have a paper and pen ready for the session, to make notes of key learning points and to be able to join in with the tasks :-).


Word of the Day:  State (Science) 

Look up what the word means, what word group it belongs to and place it accurately into a sentence.


09:45 - 10:30   Mathematics. 

Measurement: Perimeter and Area Assessment!  

Remember in class, at the end of each unit, we would complete an assessment to see how much we could remember.  

Work through the questions on the assessment sheet and see how you get on. If you’re not sure, look back through your book to help you AS A LAST RESORT!  

  • Try all questions & take as long as you need to complete.  

  • Read each question carefully. Check what they are asking you to do.  

Then self-mark. PLEASE ensure you do this and upload to Tapestry so we can see how you have gotten on in this topic :)


10:30 - 10:45   BREAK! 

Get outside and enjoy the Winter air. 

Skipping in the perfect exercise to get your heart beat racing and to practise your resilience as you try different moves and tricks.  


For some basic techniques and skipping ideas. 


10:45 - 11:15   SPaG

SPaG – Vocab Ninja: Noun Vs. Verb!  

Look at each word on the question sheet and how it has been used in the sentence. Based on it's context, decide whether the chosen word is a noun or a verb. 

Remember, try some Lexia/Spellzone too!  


11:15 - 12:15   English/Writing. 

Persuasive Potions!  

So now you have created your poem, you need to advertise how amazing it is. So, this week we are going to use your descriptions and your instructions to create an advert to persuade people to use your potion.  Read the advert and complete the questions about the persuasive features of an advert.


12:15 - 12:30   Class/Own Book.  

Like we would in class with our class book, spend some time quiet reading or listening to the class book. The teachers have uploaded videos of themselves reading different chapters on Tapestry, so be sure to check :-).  


12:30 - 1:30   LUNCH! 


1:30 - 2:00   Reading Activity. 

Read and complete From a Railway Carriage which is the first part of the poem Night Mail by W.H.Auden.   

Make sure you look up any new words.


2 - 2.30pm    Science  

Can you match the properties to their definitions?  

Watch the short video to help you:

Look at the sheet. You can either copy out the properties and the definitions to match them or cut them out and stick them in your books.  

Think of specific material' uses, such as wood (used for a table, which needs to be strong and stable), plastic, metal, glass, paper and fabric. Add these on to the table, by writing them under the properties.


Philosophical Question to finish the day! 

Yesterday's Q: What is the most important element of a play area: a swing, a slide or a roundabout? Why?     

Miss Martin: I, personally, love a good swing. I always remember trying to go super, super high each time. I was convinced I could go so fast, I could flip myself over the bar. Not so fussed about roundabouts (always felt super dizzy afterwards) and a slide is great, but you have to climb to the top to do it all over again (that's me probably being lazy though!). 

Miss Chapman:  To me it is important that there are things in the play area which is enjoy! Even as an adult I LOVE going to play areas to go on the roundabouts and see how fast I can either spin someone or someone spin me (I always wait for children to finish playing first!).  Safety warning though... don't do this without adult permission! 

Mrs. Hudson: Well I do love a swing. However, I have got to say that a roundabout is great place for loads of children to have fun playing together. As a child, I did get my foot caught underneath as it went round, which hurt. So you do need to be careful.  


Today's Question:  Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt to try it in the first place?  

Spend some time during dinner or at some point in the evening, discussing this with the other people at home! We're sure there will be some interesting responses :-)