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Monday 18th May

Good Morning Year 1. 

We hope you all had a nice weekend. 


Good Citizen Week 

Sussex Road is marking Good Citizen Week from the 18th May. We have thought about a range of activities the children could get involved with throughout the week to develop the idea of citizenship. We would like to encourage the children to try and complete two tasks a day. We have put the list of activities on Year 1 homepage. Good luck! We look forward to hearing which tasks you have completed :)


Our suggestion for your day:  


0900-0930 - Reading  

Choose a book of your choice to read to yourself or to someone in your family - you could log on to Tapestry to a story read by a mystery teacher!   


0930-1000- Maths Challenge  

Today you are going to be recapping addition and subtraction.

Before completing the activity, watch the video of Miss Jeffery on Tapestry explaining fact families. Remember, you are only allowed to use the numbers given.


1000-10:10 – Handwriting  

Check Tapestry for today's letter.  

Write the long date at the top of your writing books. Watch the video online and then practise writing the letter in your books. You should practise writing for at least 5 minutes. Remember to always start your lead ins on the line.  


10:10-11.10 Snack Time and Learning Choice Time  

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc. with a glass of milk or water. Make your own learning choice, there are ideas on the grid on our man learning page.  


1115-1200 – Phonics  

 Log onto tapestry and watch the speed sound videos. 

If you would like, we have attached a new document with some phonics game ideas for you to play instead of writing sentences. These can be found on the Year 1 home page. Try and write sentences at least twice a week!


1300- 1330 – PE  

Choose an online work, play in the garden or go for a cycle, scoot, walk or run!  


1330 Enquiry and Learning Choice Time  

This week we will be learning about different materials and their properties. Properties is a science word that is used to describe what a material is like e.g is it bendy, strong, flexible, stiff?

Materials are then used to make objects.  This afternoon go on a materials and object hunt around your house to find different materials.

Because we finished our topic book, we will give you a new question each day for you to discuss. 


Question of the day :

If you had a different name, would you be a different person?