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Monday 1st

Happy Monday, Year 2!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend and are excited to get
started on another week of home learning laugh 


This week we will be asking you to upload specific work to
Tapestry at the end of every day so we can give you specific feedback on a
particular subject.


Today we would like you to upload your Maths work yes



It's Children's Mental Health Week this week!

It's important to look after our minds as well as our bodies.


Be sure to check in with how you're feeling and let someone
know if you're ever feeling worried or upset by something.


Be sure to find what helps you relax and keep your mind happy.

Maybe go for a walk, or listen to some of your favourite music,

have a dance or try some yoga.



Here is your suggested timetable for the day



  • Watch the video ‘Drawing Pictograms 2, 5 and 10’ on the Year 2 page.
  • Answer questions 1-3.
  • Have a go at the extra questions a-d.
  • Extension: Can you try the problem solving and reasoning questions?


9:45 – 10

  • Head to Tapestry to find your group’s assigned phonics/SPaG activity.


10 - 10:40

  • Grab a healthy snack and get outside for some fresh air for a run around, a kick around or a bit of fresh air.

Class Zoom

10:40 – 11:10

  • Today we’ll be having our English lesson on Zoom. Come and join us for a lesson but also for a catch up and to ask any question you have.


11:10 – 11:25

  • Watch the video on contractions on the Year 2 page.
  • Match the contraction to the expanded form.
  • Write the matching contraction and expanded form.


11:25 - 12

  • Watch the video of the story ‘How to catch a star’ and see what ways the boy tries to catch a star.
  • Think of all the different ways you could try to catch a star and create a mind map to show them all.
  • Complete one of the following:
  1. Act out how to catch a star the way you have chosen.
  2. Write a description on how you would catch your star. Start your writing with ‘I would…’.


12 - 1

  • Enjoy some lunch and get outside for fresh air.


1 – 1:30

  • Look at the front cover of our new story ‘Grandad’s Secret Giant; and discuss your answers to the questions.
  • What do you think this story will be about?
  • Do you think the giant is a good or bad character?
  • Why do you think the giant is called a secret giant?

Forest School

1:30 - 3

  • Head to the forest school page to find some fun activities.


Word of the Day:                  curve

Word Class:










A curve is a smooth gradually bending line, for example part of the edge of a circle.







The desks were curved on the edges to make them safe.













Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10)

Contractions Video

Still image for this video

How to Catch a Star

2AW Zoom English Lesson