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Monday 1st June


Philosophical question: What is the point of a white crayon?


Here is our suggested timetable for the day:

Suggested times


9 – 9:30

Joe Wicks PE session

9:30 – 10:30


  •  Think of as many different way of writing 'addition'.
  • Watch the video on how to solve an addition word problem.
  • Have a go at answering as many of the addition word problems as you can.

10:30 – 10:45


Get outside in the garden for a kick around, run around or a bit of fresh air.

10:45 – 11:10

SPaG - Unit 7 (p23) suffix -ness

  • Slightly different rule when the root words end with a y we change it to an i before adding -ness.
  • Have a look at the words and complete the table.

11:10 – 12:00


  •  We have a new book called ‘The Pirates Next Door’ by Jonny Duddle
  • We are just looking at the first couple of pages to see where our main character Matilda lives.
  • Can you make a mind map gathering ideas about what Dull-on-Sea could be like in the summer and winter?
  • Now, use those ideas to write some simple sentences about the seaside town in both seasons.

12:00 – 1:00


Go outside for a bit of fresh air and play a game!

1:00 – 1:30


  • Read or listen to Chapter 12 'What happened to the Snowman?'
  • Discuss why the Snowman ordered the white bears not to talk and to just say ‘ooomph’.

1:30 – 3:00

PE – Dance

  • On the rolling sea going to find the treasure!
  • Listen to Justin and his dancing instructions.


End of the day

Enjoy spending some down time with your family.


Addition Word Problems

Still image for this video

English teaching video

Still image for this video

Chapter 12 - What happened to the Magic Snowman?

PE - Rolling on the sea

Listen to the instructions and imagine you are sailing on the high seas!