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Monday 20th April

You choose...


Pick an activity from the picture cards below and give it a go. Remember to be as creative as you can and have fun. You can extend your choice as much as you like.

If you select, read a book about animals, maybe you could tell someone in your family your favourite fact, write a book review or make a poster about what you have discovered. 

If you select, count the stars, can you map and draw a constellation? 

Maybe you will, listen to the birds. At the moment there is far less traffic about so hearing the birds is much easier but if they are having a quiet day or you can't get outside you could always listen to the RSPB's Birdsong Radio... Think about how you feel while you are listening. Lots of people find listening or watching the birds helps them feel calm. Others say it inspires their art. For a real challenge maybe you could draw or paint what you hear! Will there be splashes of colour or repeating patterns? Will there be smooth, wavy lines or sharp zigzags?

As always it would be great to see what you come up with.

You can share on Tapestry (Years R and 1), via the School's Twitter feed or by emailing the school.

Don't forget to put Forest School in the subject line and please remember our online safety rules.