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Monday 22nd

Welcome back Year 1, happy Monday!

We are so excited to be welcoming you back (virtually) for an awesome new term. ​​​​​​


9:00 – 9:40


Watch the video on Tapestry of our speed sounds.

You will have a phonics activity on Tapestry for your phonics group. Watch the sound video and complete the activities for your new sound.

Your new phonics books are on Tapestry so have a go at reading your book.

9:40- 10:20


  Today, you will be focusing on finding 1 more or less than a number up to 50.  Watch the White Rose video first of all and play the game below.

10:20 – 10:40

Snack break

You might want to listen to a story on tapestry whilst you have your snack.  

10:40 – 11:10

Live zoom session – Enquiry

Join the zoom to find out more about what we are learning about this term. Can you take part in the animal dance?

11:10 – 11: 40

Complete Enquiry based challenge

Create a list of any ideas or questions you might have about animals.

Upload this enquiry learning to Tapestry today

11:40- 12:40

Lunch time 

12:40 – 1:00

Bug Club Reading session

Can you log into your Bug club and choose a book to read?

1:00 – 1:15


Go onto Tapestry to watch the letters. We have learnt all the letters and now recapping them.

1:15 – 1:45

PE / Exercise

Go outside for a walk, run or bike ride.

1:45 – 3:15

Learning choice time

Use the table of home learning challenges to choose your activity today.

Spr1.6.1 - One more one less