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Monday 27th April

Word of the day:   schedule


- Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words!  
- What is its word class?  

- How many syllables does it have (clap each syllable to help you)?

- Make a list of synonyms and antonyms  

- Can you use it in an interesting sentence? 

Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?  


0900 - 0930 - Reading 

Today, take the time to spend 15 minutes reading.

There is a challenge with this one... find the most bizarre place to read in! Email a picture to your class teacher and we shall choose the winner! 

After you have finished your reading think about what makes the best reading environment for you! Where in your home is it best for you to read and why? 


Check in tomorrow to see was obscure place I read and record Demon Dentist today!


0930 - 1030 - Maths

For a starter, go to this website

You can select a skill that you wish to work on and select how fast the questions come up.


This week we will be finishing off our block of learning about decimals and fractions and starting some learning about money. You are used to this way of learning now so login in the normal way, watch the video and do the activity.

Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April) Lesson 1 Round decimals.


Please remember to regularly check mymaths to see if you have any activities set for that week. A new activity was set for you over the weekend but you might need to do this week's learning before you attempt the task.


1030 - 1100 - Break


1100 - 1130 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Giving reasons: cause and effect part 1  - see the document attached below for further instructions! 


1130 - 1215 - English

Listen to/watch Chapter 3: Whiter than White  

Today I would like you to use what you learnt on Friday to either: 

  • Create a set of instructions, 
  • Poster
  • Leaflet 
  • Childrens book 
  • Television advert 
  • Small play/drama sketch
  • Sequence of detailed pictures

It should all be about brushing teeth and how to do it properly! 

Having some excellent advice ‘instructions’ or ‘information texts’ would be brilliant for the website and could help so many children!  

We look forward to seeing your end results.  If you think yours would help others, don’t forget to email it to us!   

Suggested websites to help refresh your memory:  


1215 - 1315 - Lunch


1315 - Enquiry

Today, we are learning about the benefits of keeping our teeth clean (sometimes called oral health or teeth hygiene) and what can happen if we don't. Let's just say our teeth could be in a 'hole' lot of trouble! Read the text carefully and choose the level of questions you would like to answer. Please write in full sentences. For example:


Question: What is the name of the country where Paris is found?

Answer: The name of the country where Paris is found is France.


Look at the underlined words. These are all the words I have recycled from the question to help me write my answer. I have only actually added one new word. Genius!


See documents below for full task.