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Monday, 29th June 2020

Hello Year 5 or 'Kedu' (Ibo) as they say in Nigeria!


We hope you enjoyed thinking about money last week. You may have noticed that we have moved from Europe this week to Africa for our greetings. Did you know Nigeria has 10 ways to say 'hello'? They have many different dialects.

Today is the Ibo translation. Could you find the another way of greeting somewhere there?

This week, now that you have discovered more about the background to the discovery of King Tut's Tomb, we are returning to the Valley of the Kings and venture deeper into his last resting place. 


Today's book recommendation comes from Tilly Benson: 'Lightning Mary' by Anthea Simmons.  

"Ordinary is what most people are and I am not. I am not ordinary at all. I am a scientist.

One stormy night, a group of villagers are struck by lightning. This only survivor is a baby - Mary Anning. From that moment on, a spark is lit within her. Growing up poor but proud on the windswept Dorset coast, Mary follows after her father, hunting for fossils uncovered by waves and landslips: ancient creatures turned to stone. Mary must depend upon her unique courage & knowledge to fulfill her dream of becoming a scientist in a time when girls have no opportunities for such ambitions... " 


Word of the Day:  Laden 

Look up what the word means, what word group it belongs to, place it accurately into a sentence and work out what prefixes/ suffixes could be added (remember this last one doesn't always count!). 


09:00 - 09:30: Reading.

Look at the Story of Tutankhamun Comprehension from our picture book. This will remind you of what we learnt about last week! 


09:30 - 10:30: Mathematics.

Regular and Irregular Polygons! (What do you call a parrot who disappeared...?)

Have a go at the warm-up, revising some of our work on angles last week. 

Work though Monday 29th June - Maths Work Sheet. Hopefully you'll enjoy the scavenger hunt! 


10:30 - 10:45: Break/ Snack/ Exercise. 

Have a snack and try to get some fresh air if possible. 

Sports Day Practice!  Get a spoon (make sure your adults know!). Wrap some scrap paper into a thick ball, with some tape! 

  • Can you walk with one hand behind your back, whilst the other holds the egg (paper) and spoon out in front, down the garden or around every room in the house? 
  • Can you try running? Don't drop the egg! 


10:45 - 11:15: SPaG. 

Have a go at the Up-Levelling Sentences: Living in Technicolour activity. 

  • Choose the level of sheet you want to work through and then, using the guidance provided, keep improving the sentences you have been given! Use the Glossary of Terms sheet in case you need reminding what particular techniques are!

Remember to have a go at Lexia/ Spellzone! 


11:15 - 12:15: English/Writing. Tutankhamun's Tomb! 

Read and complete the Tomb of Tutankhamun

  • Complete the 'text', 'sentence' and 'word' sections in full sentences! 


12:15 - 1:15: Lunch/Exercise. 

Try to get some fresh air if it is safe and appropriate to do so.


1:15- 1.30: Quiet Reading Time:

Listen to Chapter 22 (the last Chapter) of the Time Travelling Cat. A mysterious tale that will take you back to Ancient Egypt. Click on our remote audio book page. We will be using this book later on in the term. 


1:30 - 2:45: Enquiry: History! What is a Death Mask? 

Answer the questions on the History - Death Mask sheet! Look at the website below, to find the answers: 

  • Then, you could follow the instructions to create your own 3D Death Mask with papier-mache or decorate the paper one (Decorate your own Death Mask)Think, how would you want your Death Mask presented? 


2:45 - 3:00: Philosophical Question. 

Today's Question: If you were an animal, which animal would you want to be and why? 

Spend some time during dinner or at some point in the evening, discussing this with the other people at home! We're sure there will be some interesting responses.

We look forward to hearing about your responses! 


Yesterday's Q: Why do people say 'Money doesn't grow on trees'?

Mrs. Hudson: I love this expression. I am sure when I was younger it was said many times to me by my grandmother, who was very careful with her money. She came from a small mining town in Wales, worked as a servant (a ladies maid) in London and Trosley, then worked really hard with my grandfather to run a very busy butchers. This was a time when vegetarianism didn't really exist. She made me understand that you have to work hard for money, you can't just pick it from the trees, but must save some too, to cover essentials and just in case you need it at a later date (a rainy day). 

Miss Martin: I think people say this to remind us that actually, we need to be careful and mindful with our money (we can't just grow it!). I must admit, when I was younger, I definitely knew money didn't grow on trees(!) but perhaps didn't have a full understanding of wages & that money needed to be budgeted to go towards lots of different things in life (fun and not so fun!).  

We look forward to hearing your responses! Log in on Tuesday for more wonderful learning! Have a great weekend