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Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 6.  Hope you have an enjoyable weekend; the weather wasn't quite as bad as we had thought but it was rather windy!


8.50am Word of the Day SPECKLE

Find out what it means, its word class and try to use it appropriately today in writing or speaking.


9am PE 

Make sure you get some exercise today, whether this is Joe Wicks, another online workout, a play in the garden, etc.  What you do isn't important; just make sure you're active for at least part of the day.


9.30am Independent reading

Has anyone tried anything new that they wouldn't normally choose?


10am Comprehension

Re-read the DNA text and complete the 'Sequencing' activity.


10.15am Maths

Today is all about negative numbers in context - when do you come across negative numbers?  As always, there's a MyMaths for you and some offline ideas attached below.


11am Take a Break


11.20am Spelling

On Friday, you looked at words that use -tious and -cious.  Today your challenge is to find more words to add to the list on Friday's poster.


11.30am Writing

How's your story?  You're hopefully happy with the content and have really about thought the audience and tried to entertain them.  We'd now like you to think about how to present your story.  Will it be typed using a computer?  Would it be better handwritten?  One block of text or interspersed with images?  As it's your story, it's your choice but keep the reader in mind all the time and the effect you want to have on them at different points in the story.


12.30pm Lunch


1.30pm RE

How did you get on with the colours?  Did you know or were you able to guess why they are associated with Easter?  Here's an explanation:

black: represents sin.  Jesus died on the cross to save people from sin.

red: represents Jesus' blood.

white: is for prayer and repentance.  Christians prayer to God to ask for forgiveness.

blue: is for water.  A Christian baptism or christening washes away sin.

green: represents the idea of growth.  Through following the teachings of Jesus, Christians grow as people.

gold: is for eternal life.  Through following Jesus, Christians believe they are rewarded with eternal life after death.


1.45pm Enquiry

How are you getting on with your learning about your chosen country?  If you are still engrossed in the project, keep going.

Have you had the opportunity to try any of the Forest School ideas?  If not, give one a go today.

If you feel you've finished these, find the pack that is entitled Remote Learning Year 6 and have a go at the paper plane activity.  Let's get a bit of a competition going: let us know your furthest flight and we'll see who in the year group is the winner!


Again, spend about 60 - 90 minutes on this.


Best wishes all.