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Monday 30th March

Good morning! Today is Monday 30th March.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Welcome to our second week of home learning – only 3 days long J

You are all doing so well and we know you can do this!


8:50am Word of the Day – insatiable

Find out what it means and its word class (adjective, noun, verb, adverb?). 

Write it in your book. You might find this word useful when describing the character in the poem today!


9am Joe Wicks PE workout (YouTube)

Are you well rested from the weekend? Have you been outside in the garden or for a walk? Let’s get ready to exercise!J


9:30am Read to an adult

Think about your reading.

Was there anything unusual or surprising in the book, something unexpected or particularly interesting? Write a paragraph to explain what was new or different in your reading today.

(Write the short date, book title, pages read and sentences in your exercise book.) 


10am GoNoodle and Maths

GoNoodle - 

Maths – Using bar models to find fractions of amounts.

A new resource has been made to support the children with Maths home learning.  It is an online video which gives a lesson like we would normally have given in class.  We would strongly encourage watching it to support the learning.  The initial activity is called Flashback 4.  It is a quick recall check of previously learned topics.  The best thing is to stop the video, do the problems and then check your answers when they are given.  Little and often is the key to remembering things we have done in the past.  After Flashback 4, the lesson will start.  When the video finishes, work through the sheet of problems below.

See sheet below. Work in your Maths book. 

Start on Week 2 Lesson 1 Step 6   


11am Take a Break


11:20am Grammar and Spelling

Spelling test – Test yourself or ask an adult to test you on last week’s words- good luck!

New spellings for this week – see sheets below


Help Mr Whoops with his clumsy spellings! Can you spot the mistakes and give him the correct list? See sheet.


11:30 am Poetry - The Hungry Sofa

A new poem to explore.  Read and enjoy. Draw and write the tasks in your exercise book.


12:30pm Lunch


1:30pm Geography

In school, we have been learning about Europe and used atlases to fill in all the countries on our maps. Can you remember them?

Look at the sheet below for facts and helpful hints.


2:15-2:30 Break


2:30-2.50 Geography part 2

Test yourself on your map of Europe! Fill in the blank map – How did you do?

Keep revising and testing yourself and see how much more you remember each time.


2.50 - 3:15 Diary Entry

How do you feel about this second week of home learning? I’m sure you’re looking forward to Easter. Will it be different this year?

Keeping a diary is a record for the future, especially when things are a bit unusual.

So turn to the back of your writing book, write the date and tell your diary how it’s going in your home. You can draw and write your thoughts and feelings.