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Monday 4th January

Good Morning Year 3! While we are sorry that we can’t all be together, we are really looking forward to a new term with lots of new things to learn about, starting today with a new book, animating 2 Pacman characters, a new dance song about money and the months of the year in French! 


Our term 3 enquiry is Who is the Real Iron Man?  In it we will be reading Iron Man, learning to use coding blocks in Computing, looking at forces in Science and making toys in DT.  There's so much to look forward to. smiley


Here is our new timetable.  Whether you are at home or at school, we will be following the same timetable so you will know that your friends are doing exactly what you are doing.  Make sure that you keep up with all the learning we set as we don’t want anyone falling behind. We are really keen to see your super work - - including what you think Iron Man looks like.  Tapestry will be set up soon for you to upload photos of your learning for us to see and celebrate!  


9:00- 9.15 Word of the Day/Flashback 4 

                    Please write the short date 04.01.21, WOD, definition and a sentence of your own.  

                    Below WOD show your workings and the answers to Flashback 4.  

                    We will check Flashback 4 during the live input session tomorrow. 


9.15-9.45 Guided Reading 

                   Please read and answer the questions to Amazing Facts about the Human Body. 

                   Remember, the answers are all in the text!  Scan to find them. 

                   If you have time remaining in this 30 minute slot, please find a book at home to read. 


9.50-10.35 Starting tomorrow this will be our live input lesson. 

                    English - You get to draw today!  Please open and complete English – Iron Man – Lesson 1.  


10:35-10.50 Finish off English 


10:50-11.05 Break - Get a drink, possibly a piece of fruit and some fresh air. 


11.05-12.05 Maths - The 4 times table 

                      Complete Monday Maths. Here is the lesson link. 



12.05-12.10 Go Noodle break - 


12.10-12.30 Spelling/Handwriting 

                       Complete Unit 4 Week 1 suffix –ly 

                       We are expecting your 4 sentences to be written in your best joined handwriting. 

                       The spelling test for these words will be this Friday in our live lesson. 


12:30-1:00 Lunch play 

1:00-1.30 Lunch in classroom/your own kitchen- YUM!  Please remember to tidy up after yourself. 


1:35-2:35 Computing - Please open and complete Computing – Lesson 1 


2.35-2:40 BBC Super Movers break – Handling money and giving change song and dance 


2:40-3:15 French 

                  Please open and complete Months of the year. There is a sheet to help you say the months of the  

                  year and then there is a dice game. 


3:15 Story Time – Listen to Mrs Lee reading Wild Robot 


Dinnertime Philosophical Question: What was a positive, a negative and an interesting fact about 2020? 


Well done on your first day of learning after the holiday. We hope you’ve had a great day and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! 

The Wild Robot - Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4