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Monday 4th January 2021

Spelling Challenge

Ask an adult or a sibling to read out your Week 1 spelling words to you. Your Week 1 and Week 2 challenges can be found in Learning Resources.



The Wimbledon Championships 

Read the text all about the world’s oldest tennis tournament! The text has been spilt into different subheadings to make it easier to find information. Answer the questions. It might be helpful to underline key words in the questions to remind you of what to look for. 



Multiply and Divide by 6 

Practice counting forwards and backwards in 6s. Can you quiz yourself on the 6 times tables?   

Have a go at the White Rose worksheet. Remember to read the word problems carefully, there might be two steps to do when working out your answer.  

Click on the link below to see this lesson being taught.


Maths 3 Minute Times Tables Challenge

Have a go at the 3 minute times table challenge, just like we do in class. Make sure you practice your 5 and 10 times table before you have a go at the first worksheet. There are 3 sheets in the document below, they are to be completed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, just as we do in school.



Causal Conjunctions

You should remember these because we used them last term. Work through the powerpoint (in Learning Resources). Practise writing sentences that include causal conjunctions and then complete the quiz. We will be using conjunctions tomorrow so take your time and check any sentences you write with an adult.



This term, we will be focusing on one of the greatest singers of all time, Ella Fitzgerald. Today, you are going to listen to some of her music and describe how it makes you feel. First, let's listen to a famous classical piece by Mussorgsky, called Night on Bald Mountain. He composed it in 1867. Talk to to someone else about how this music made you feel. What instruments could you hear or see? Did the music create a picture in your mind? What was it? Use the Key Vocabulary Word Mat to help you. Then read your Lesson Plan before listening to the links found in the Learning Resources section below.


Wider Curriculum

PE - Tennis 

This term we will be learning how to play tennis! Take a look at this clip to see what a tennis match looks like... 


Your task is to practice moving your tennis rackets to perform the ready position, forehand shot and the backhand shot. Don’t have a tennis racket? No problem! Check with an adult first but you can make a tennis racket using old cardboard at home. Simply draw a racket and cut it out. Today is all about practicing the ready position, forehand shot and the backhand shot. 


Take a look at the ready position - 


Take a look at the forehand shot - 


Take a look at the backhand shot - 


If you have a tennis ball or a small ball, you could ask someone to throw you a ball in a safe environment so that you can practice these tennis shots. Can you aim the ball back to the correct place? 

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