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Monday 4th January

Good morning super star home learners!!


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve and are up for the challenge of learning at home. We have had the most practice of the whole school so we think you will be the best home learners!



Each day we are going to have a question to think about. Here is our thought for today:

Here is a suggested plan for our first day of home learning




Watch the video on Tapestry of our speed sounds.

You will have a phonics activity on Tapestry for your phonics group. Watch the sound video and complete the activities for your new sound.

We have uploaded pdfs of the Book Bag books for you to read this week. Look at your phonics teacher's pdf below.



We are going to be counting forwards to 20 and backwards from 20. Watch the video below to introduce the idea and then have a go at recognising the numbers and writing the words down. Play a game of match up game with the numbers, words and pictures.



Snack Time

Whilst you are having a snack, why don’t you listen to ‘Winnie’s Magic Wand’ on Tapestry?



Enquiry – PSHE

We are reflecting on our Christmas break today and having a think about a target or resolution for the year 2021. Can you draw a picture and write a bit about your Christmas.







Go outside for a run, walk, football game– it is great to get outside in the fresh air.

You could also have a go at a couple of dance videos from GoNoodle


 1:30 – 3:00

Learning choice time

Have a look at the grid below and select a learning choice.


Maths - Count forwards and backwards and write numbers to 20