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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning Year 6!

May the Fourth be with you! It is Star Wars day. Feel free to do your learning in the style of a character from Star Wars. Maybe you will have a light sabre by your side (cardboard tube?) or perhaps you can surprise your whole family by talking Yoda-style – confuse them very much, you will!

Before we get started, a few Star Wars-themed jokes:

Why is Yoda such a good gardener? He has green fingers.

Luke: What's for dinner tonight, Dad?

Anakin: Wookiee steak.

Luke: Is it any good?

Anakin: It's a little chewy.

Ahem, after that, we'd best get started...


8.50am Word of the Day superfluous


- Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words!  
- What is its word class? (Is it a noun, verb, adjective?)  

- How many syllables does it have (clap each syllable to help you)?

- Can you find any synonyms or antonyms?

- Can you use it in an interesting sentence? 

Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?  

 Finally, try to find the root of the word!

Be careful how you pronounce it! Break it down into syllables and pronounce it that way (an emphasis on the second syllable).

 su-per-flu-ous    (not, super-fluous).


Ever wondered how a Storm Trooper dances?  What better day to find out than Stars Wars Day?

Have a go yourselves ...

9.30am Independent reading

Grab your book and read quietly. As you read, if your book has some dialogue (speech) in it, observe how the speech is written – can you remember the key rules for writing dialogue? Note down the rules!


10am Comprehension

Crime, Punishment and Torture

(The text is in your pack!) A little history here to keep us entertained. Remember, as you read, underline the words that you are unfamiliar with. At the end, go back and look at the words in context – from the sentence that they appear in, can you work out what they could mean? Finally, look up those words – was your guess correct? Did any meanings surprise you? Try to use some of those words in conversation with your family!



Right year 6, another week and this week it's angles, not angels in special quadrilaterals (I can't tell how many times I have typed angels over the last couple of weeks).  Have a look at the QCE sheet to get you started and don't forget, if you can access White Rose, the video lessons will guide you through today's work. Oh and ignore the Star Wars jokes above, you know where to find the best jokes! wink

11am Take a Break


11.20am     Grammar – Dialogue


Did you make a mental note of the rules of speech while you were reading?” enquired Mrs O’Brien.

Smiling sweetly, Mrs Pullin replied, “Of course!”

I think so…” Mrs Kempe responded thoughtfully. “Yes! I think I remembered all of them!” She added happily.

How many rules did you spot in the dialogue above?

  • All spoken words must be inside inverted commas (speech marks).
  • Speech starts with a capital letter.
  • Before closing inverted commas, remember your closing punctuation . , ! ?
  • Use a comma to make a break between the spoken words and the rest of the sentence.
  • New speaker = new line.


Write the conversation (below) between Princess Leia and Hans Solo out again, adding in the commas and speech marks. Remember to start a new line every time a different person speaks.


I don’t think we should pick Luke for the race said Leia. Why not? Asked Hans. He’s always late for practice replied Leia crossly. That’s true agreed Hans thoughtfully.



Continue this conversation – introduce Luke. Can you remember the key rules when three characters are speaking, and ensure it is clear for your reader?


11.30 - Writing
12.30 - Lunch


It's time for another one of Tom's photography challenges.  Thank you to everyone who was able to share last week's photos on Twitter or by email.  If you can watch Tom's video, he will explain everything you need to know to get started.  If not, the PDF will explain all ...

Philosophical Question of the Day

Here's your first question of the week:

Should animals and humans be treated the same?