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Monday 6th July

Good morning Year 3!   


Today we are starting a new Maths topic – SHAPE -which will last until the end of term. It involves a lot of hands-on activities and even some art. wink


And by the way- only 13 days left of school! We know you can do your very best until the end. yes


Highlights of the week 

Monday:  Turns and angles and rhythmic gymnastics 

Tuesday:  Design your own smoothie label 

Wednesday:  Art 

Thursday:  Writing your own version of Mrs Wobble 

Friday:  Forest School 


8:50am Word of the Day – profit 

Find out what it means.  Write it in your book. 


9am  Read to an adult 

Write the short date, book title and pages read in your exercise book. 

Reminder, if you are working on Lexia, you should be using it 15 minutes today as well. 


9:30am GoNoodle and Maths 

GoNoodle -  


Maths – Turns and Angles 

Head down. Get as much done as you can in an hour. You have 1 day for this lesson. 


10:30am  Break 


10:45am Grammar and Spelling 

Ask an adult to quiz you on last week’s words. 

Then, look at your new spelling words and start practising them. 


Remember, if you are doing Spellzone words, you need to log onto Spellzone and complete activities there. 


11:15 am  English - planning the problem angry in your story 


12:15pm Lunch 


1:15pm  PE - Rhythmic Gymnastics 

It’s show time this week for our last lesson in Gym. Get ready to create an amazing routine with everything that you have learnt and wow your audience! 😊  


2:30-3:00pm Music 

You have 1 more week to memorise these lyrics. 

Food, glorious food... we're anxious to try it 
Three banquets a day, our favourite diet! 
Just picture a mammoth steak, fried, roasted or stewed 
Oh, food, wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food! 

Food, glorious food 
Poached possum served flambé 
Broth made from a sloth 
Or a saber-tooth souffle 

Why should we be fated to 
Do nothing but brood 
Oh food, magical food 
Wonderful food, marvellous food 

Food, glorious food 
Flesh picked off the dead ones 
Rank, rotten, or chewed 
Soon, we'll be the fed ones! 

Just thinking of putrid meat 
Puts us in a mood for 
Food, glorious food, marvellous food, fabulous food, beautiful food, 
Magical food, 
Glorious food! 


3:00- 3:15pm Story Time 

Not quite the sweet and innocent Little Red Riding Hood that we’re used to.... 

Close your eyes and imagine as you listen! 


Zoom BINGO!- Sometime before Tuesday for 3EK and Thursday for 3HM, please complete the Bingo grids for the Zoom calls on Tuesday and Thursday when you will meet your new teacher. 


Today’s Brainsqueezer: What is the point of music? 

Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts part 1