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Monday 8th February

 Good Morning Year 3.  


Just 5 days of learning left before the holiday.  Here's to one last push and then a week off to enjoy yourself.


Today, the piece of learning we would like you to upload to Tapestry is your DT lever and linkage toy showing where the input, process and output are. It might be easiest to do this as a video.


9:00- 9.15 Word of the Day/Flashback 4 

                    Please write the short date 08.02.21, WOD, definition and a sentence of your own.  

                    Below WOD show your workings and the answers to Flashback 4.  

                    We will check Flashback 4 during the live input session. 


9.15-9.45 Guided Reading -

On Friday it is the Chinese New Year so this week we will be doing a number of activities that have a Chinese feel to them.  

                   Today please read: Year of the Ox 

                   Remember, the answers are all in the text!  Scan to find them. 

                   If you have time remaining in this 30-minute slot, please find a book at home to read. 


9.50-10.35 Live input lesson. Spelling test  & Iron Man Lesson 25 


10:35-1050 Finish English 


10:50-11.05 Break - Get a drink, possibly a piece of fruit and some fresh air. 


11.05-12.05 Maths- There is no video today but we are continuing our learning about pictograms. 


12.05-12.10 Go Noodle break 


12.10-12.30 Spelling- Please start to learn your Year 3 words or do Spellzone


12:30-1:00 Lunch play 

1:00-1.30 Lunch in classroom/your own kitchen. Can you find a carbohydrate, protein, fruit or vegetable, diary or milk product in your lunch? 


1:35-2:35 – DT- Complete DT product design and construction lesson. 


2:35 Stretch with BBC Super Movers – 12 Times Table. 


2:40-3:15 – French – Complete French lesson which is for Monday and Wednesday         


3:15 Story Time – Listen to Mrs Lee reading Wild Robot 


Dinnertime Philosophical Question:  Would you rather live in space or underwater? Why? 


We hope you’ve had a great day and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! 


Wild Robot Chapter 66

Chapter 67

Chapter 68

Chapter 69 part 1

Chapter 69 part 2