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Monday 8th June

Our suggestion for your day:  

 Discuss word of the week before starting your school day. Can you use the word through out the week?


0900-0930 - Reading  

Log onto Tapestry to listen to the story of the week: Zog by Julia Donaldson. Once you have watched the video, choose a reading learning choice from the grid provided (Term 6 homepage). 


0930-1000- Maths Challenge  

This week we are going to recap doubling and halving!


10:10-11.10 Snack Time and Learning Choice Time  

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc. with a glass of milk or water. Make your own learning choice, there are ideas on the grid on our main learning page.  


1115-1200 – Writing 

Monday will be our writing day. Use the picture as a prompt to write some sentences. You might want to use your senses to help you or you could write an underwater story using the pictures to help with ideas. Remember to include your capital letters, punctuation and write neatly.



1300- 1330 – PE  

Choose an online work, play in the garden or go for a cycle, scoot, walk or run!  


1330 PSHE

Due to the INSET day on Friday, we have put PSHE learning today. Meet Super Soap! An important reminder and lesson about washing our hands frequently and properly.


Super Soap

Still image for this video