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On the Bus

This week we will be reading On The Bus! 


Open up your book and practise reading the sounds on the speed sounds chart, then have a look at the Green and Red words.  Keep reading, and re-reading, those Green and Red words until you can read all of the words super speedily with almost no Fred talking! 

Turn the page now and we will have a look at the pages in our story.  Have a look at the pictures, and think about the title – what do you think this story is going to be about?  Why do you think that?  Do any of the Green or Red words that you have been practising give you any clues about what might happen?   

Use the pictures to tell your very own On The Bus story – no cheating though, don’t read those sentences just yet!  Tell your own story orally using the pictures to help you with the plot, maybe you could write your own version of the On The Bus story in your Green Writing Book.  As a challenge, can you include super spellings of the Green and Red Words that you have been practising? Don’t forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!