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Welcome to Sussex Road's OPAL page!  Here you will find useful information about the OPAL project, which is our exciting new journey to enhance playtime opportunities for all our pupils at Sussex Road.

What is OPAL?


OPAL stands for Outdoor Play and Learning, which we consider are fundamental aspects of every child’s education, development and enjoyment at Sussex Road. As children in British primary schools spend 20% or 1.4 years of their school attendance in play, we believe it is important to have a strategic, values-based approach to play across all ages. 

We are therefore excited to work with the OPAL Primary Programme to strategically and sustainably improve the quality of our pupil’s play opportunities. The OPAL Primary Programme offers a structured process, with mentored support for up to two years, along with many resources, to enable schools to permanently change both their environment and their culture to enable provision of amazing playtimes every day.


If you would like to find out more about OPAL, you can visit OPAL’s website: