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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum strives to shape learners who continually question the world around them. It provides opportunities for children to challenge themselves and to take risks in their learning.  Independence is encouraged, giving children confidence to explore concepts and ideas.  We use metacognitive strategies to encourage learners to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning in order to reflect on both their successes and areas for improvement. Our aim is that pupils will leave Sussex Road Primary School equipped with the curriculum skills, knowledge and learning behaviours needed to be successful throughout their onward education and into lifelong careers. Our curriculum fosters a thirst for enquiry alongside a rich aspirational drive for the future. At the heart of our curriculum is a focus on the development of the whole child with a strong emphasis on the importance of wellbeing and inclusion. We encourage our pupils to thrive personally, socially and academically with a love for the great outdoors.

Our Curriculum Leaders understand the needs of our pupils and the context of our school. They have developed their curriculum, drawing on current research, to reflect this. They can articulate how the intent of their subject meets this context. For example, our Design and Technology curriculum includes a focus on food technology, reflecting our aspiration that pupils will develop healthy eating habits for life. Our Science curriculum reflects our aspiration that girls at Sussex Road will view themselves as the STEM professionals of the future; we specifically teach about the role of women in science. Our Geography curriculum enables pupils to create an emotional connection to the wider world, fostering their engagement with current and future global issues. Our PE curriculum enables pupils to develop physical literacy with an understanding of how exercise influences our lifelong physical and mental health. Our Forest School learning promotes an appreciation of the local, national and global environment including the unique role each of us has to play in sustaining the world around us.





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