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School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference.  All Statutory Policies will now be reviewed annually at the beginning of each academic year and uploaded to this page once they have been ratified by the Governing Board or the Headteacher.

Sussex Road School is fully committed to advancing and embedding Equality and Diversity for all students, parents/carers, staff and visitors and to challenging all forms of discrimination.

  • All students are equal regardless of their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, gender, and gender identity.
  • Differences are respected, recognised, and valued because diversity is a strength.
  • Positive relationships and attitudes are fostered throughout the school.
  • A shared sense of belonging and inclusion is encouraged in the classroom.
  • We actively observe and promote equalities practise for our staff.
  • We have the highest expectations for all our students.
  • We work hard to raise standards for all our students, especially those most vulnerable.
  • We challenge stereotyping and prejudice.

These commitments are embedded in all Sussex Road School polices and our admissions arrangements.

If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask at the school office.

If you would like a paper copy of a policy or any other information found on our website, please ask the school office team who will provide this free of charge.  Please note this does not includes documentations on other websites where we have provided links for further information.

School Policies

Statutory Documents required by Schools - with Hyperlinks 

  1. Anti Bullying Policy 2023
  2. Anti Fraud and Theft Policy 2022 to 2025
  3. Asbestos Management procedure 2024
  4. Attendance Policy Pupil 2022 to 2025
  5. Behaviour Policy 2023
  6. Charging and Remissions Policy 2024
  7. Children with Health Needs who cannot attend school Policy Sept 23
  8. Complaints Policy and Procedure DfE 2024
  9. Sussex Road School Form 1
  10. Confidentiality Policy 2022 to 2025
  11. COSHH Policy and Procedure 2022 to 2025
  12. Critical Incident Policy 2024
  13. Curriculum Policy Statement Live docx
  14. Sussex Road School Form 2
  15. Early Careers Teacher Induction Policy Sept 23
  16. Early Years Policy 2024
  17. Equality and Accessibility Policy and Plan 2022 to 2025
  18. Finance Policy and Procedures KCC Jan 24
  19. Fire Procedure 2022 to 2025
  20. First Aid In School Policy 2022 to 2025
  21. Freedom of information Publication Scheme 2022 to 2025
  22. Gas Safety Policy 2022 to 2025
  23. GDPR Parent Guide
  24. GDPR Parent Letter
  25. GDPR Suppliers list
  26. Governors Allowances Policy 2022 to 2025
  27. Governor Monitoring Visits Policy and Procedure
  28. Health and Safety 2024 Policy Kent
  29. How the Government uses your data
  30. ICT and Acceptable Use Policy 2022 to 2025
  31. Intimate Care Policy 2022 to 2025
  32. Kitchen Commercial Policy KCC 2022 to 2025
  33. Legionellae Risk Management Policy 2022 to 2025
  34. Lettings Policy KCC 2023
  35. Missing Child - Search Procedure 2022 to 2025
  36. Online Safety Policy
  37. Outdoor Learning Policy
  38. Parent Conduct Policy 2022 to 2025
  39. Play Policy 2023
  40. Privacy Notice
  41. RSE Policy 2023
  42. Safeguarding Policy and Procedures KCC Sept 2023
  43. Special Educational Needs and Disability KCC Sept 2023
  44. Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2022 to 2025
  45. Suspension and Exclusion Policy
  46. Volunteer Helpers Policy 2022 to 2025
  47. Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure 2022 to 2025 SPS
  48. Data Management Policy 2024

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