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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant Principles

To nurture children’s natural curiosity and thirst to learn whilst embedding learning behaviours and values that equip all pupils for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

We are a community that places great emphasis on ensuring every single child develops as a confident, well-rounded individual.  Our Mission Statement – QUESTION, EXPLORE, CHALLENGE – is at the core of our curriculum.

We understand that a range of factors can have an impact on the rate at which a child is able to develop strong behaviours and, consequently, the rate at which they achieve at school.   Always striving to meet the needs of our pupils more effectively, we regularly profile the strengths and areas for development so support is targeted and strategic. 

Analysis of our pupils, entitled to PPG funding, evidences common themes:

  • By comparison, our PPG pupils show lower levels of self-esteem, motivation and drive;
  • Support from parents and links with home are weaker;
  • Learning Behaviours are less developed, resulting in limited resilience;
  • A proportion of PPG pupils have poor attendance rates.

To address the areas for development from our analysis, our Core Pupil Premium Grant Offer aims to target three key areas:

  • Aspiration
  • Engagement
  • Resilience

Pupil Premium Update September 2020

Following the return of pupils to school following the COVID19 lockdown we are in the process of accessing all pupil levels.  We will analyse  results to consider the impact of our Pupil Premium strategies during the 2019/20 academic year.  The School will then re-visit and adjust its Pupil Premium offer according to needs.

As a school, we believe quality first teaching is the single most important factor in ALL pupils making good progress.  We remain  committed to ensuring the practice of all staff continually improves, enabling the best provision possible.

Every one of our pupils entitled to PPG funding is able to access our Core Offer.  Although the Core Offer will meet the needs of the majority of pupils, we recognise that every child is an individual and must be treated as such.  A significant proportion of our funding is for targeted intervention, aimed at addressing needs on an individual basis through discussion with the pupil, their teacher and parents.  Pupils access this funding through our Personalised Offer; funding remains available throughout the year, enabling Leaders to address the needs discussed at termly Pupil Progress Meetings.

Although a proportion of funding is allocated to the Core Offer each academic year, the distribution is reviewed regularly as the needs of pupils are revised.

Area for Intervention

Core Offer

Personalised Offer

Provision continually reviewed to need the needs of pupils

Achievement / Cognition

  • Increased proportion of teaching time from Class Teacher;
  • Targeted additional intervention, enabling pre-teaching and reviewing of learning;
  • High quality synthetic phonics teaching from Year R;
  • Access to MyMaths to support mathematical development;
  • Speech Link and Language Link assessments to identify language needs
  • Resources for highly personalised, targeted intervention.
  • Speech Therapy
  • 1:1 Tuition

Learning Behaviours

  • Strong emphasis within the school’s ethos to develop Learning Behaviours;
  • Appointment of a Learning Mentor;
  • A culture of high expectations encourages pupils to challenge themselves.
  • Additional support to develop and embed skills to learn independently

Home / School Links

  • 6 Parent Consultations each academic year;
  • Pastoral Support Plans led by our Inclusion Leader;
  • Extra-curricular Club places have priority for PPG pupils, once COID19 restrictions allow;
  • Thorough monitoring of attendance – Early Help Notifications completed if required;
  • Library Visits once COVID19 restrictions allow
  • Additional resources to support home learning in the event of further COVID19 lockdowns or individual isolation.
  • Breakfast Club


  • Forest School Club
  • Behaviour Plans to support conduct in school
  • Playground Buddies;
  • Roles of responsibility within the school community;
  • Break-time snacks provided
  • A curriculum that values learning outdoors.
  • Training of a Mental Health First Aider
  • CBT
  • School Counsellor
  • School Uniform

PPG pupil profiling is completed every 12 weeks; provision is revised to ensure it continues to meet the needs of each individual. 

Proposed Spending 2019-2020


Total PPG Funding received:  £70,510

Total PPG Pupils:  54

Core Offer

Personalised Offer



2020-2021 Total PPG Funding expected:  £64,560 Total PPG Pupils: 51
Core Offer Personalised Offer
£40,000 £25,000

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