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Secondary Transfer & Kent Test

As your child enters Year 5, it is likely you will begin to think carefully about where they may continue their education beyond Sussex Road.  As a Kent school, parents have the option of considering a selective education for their child from Year 7- that is a place at a grammar school.  

What is the Kent Test?

The Kent Test is an assessment that must be taken if you intend to apply for a grammar school place for your child's secondary education.  Most children will sit the test in their primary school in the September of Year 6.  Some children will be required to take the test out of school hours or in a different test centre if they apply to a school which is currently out of their area.  Parents must apply for the test in the Summer term in Year 5.  Should parents require any additional advice or support, please do not hesitate in contacting your child's Class Teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

How is the Kent Test Structured?

The tests are multiple-choice with a separate answer sheet. They are marked by an automated marking machine.  The first test will be an English and Maths paper and will take 1 hour. Each section will involve a 5 minute practice exercise followed by a 25 minute test. The English section will involve a comprehension exercise as well as some additional questions drawn from a set designed to test literacy skills.  The second test will be a reasoning paper. It will take about 1 hour, including the practice sections and questions. It will contain a verbal reasoning section and a non-verbal reasoning section of roughly the same length. The non-verbal reasoning will be split into short sections, administered and timed individually.  There will also be a writing exercise which will not be marked but may be used by a local headteacher panel as part of the headteacher assessment stage of the process. 40 minutes will be allowed for the writing task, including 10 minutes planning time.

How do we prepare our children for the Kent Test?

As a Local Authority school, we are not permitted to undertake any form of coaching for the Kent Test.  However, we are very happy to offer advice regarding the process and our professional opinion as to whether your child has a good chance of meeting the required standard.  In the Spring Term of Year 5, all children will take CAT4 assessments.  These results will be shared with parents at the Spring Parent Consultations as they give an accurate indication of performance in the Kent Test.  The results are also a useful form of evidence should an appeal be lodged for a grammar school place.

Applying for a Secondary School Place

Applications are usually open in October of each year, closing on the last day of the month.  Parents of children in Year 5 are invited to a Secondary School Information Evening in the Spring Term to support the process of applying for schools.  This is an ideal opportunity for parents to ask any questions they may have.


Secondary School Websites

Pupils at Sussex Road continue their education at a range of different schools.  We encourage parents to visit a range of schools to find the environment and ethos that is right for your child.



Tonbridge School Bursaries

Tonbridge School has a range of scholarships and bursaries available for boys who would not be able to attend without financial support.  Applications must be made by the beginning of Year 6.



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