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Physical Education Suggestions


It would be wonderful if you could share through our twitter feed how you are keeping your family active!

Miss Chapman J


Suggestions of what you can do at home to keep active:

Fresh Air

Simply going for a stroll in your nearest park and getting some fresh air is the easiest way to keep everyone in the house active!  It is important though to follow the social distancing guidelines.


Joe Wicks

Every day at 9AM Joe Wicks is offering a 30 minute FREE workout live from his YouTube channel. Having done this, this morning I can tell you it gets your heart pumping! Over 600K people participate on Monday morning – WOW!

If you are not able to do so at 9AM, on his channel he has a variety of different clips which range from 5 – 10 minutes. This would be ideal to do when having breaks from learning during the day!


Take inspiration from Joe Wicks!

Think back to what you may have done in school to warm your bodies up.  Take it in turns at home to become a Personal Trainer and put your family members through their paces!


Documents attached below:

Below are PDF files which have prompt cards for different exercises that you might choose to do! There are also some comprehension style questions which will get the children thinking about their lifestyle and the importance of exercise. 

The Tonbridge & West Kent School Sport Partnership @ The Hayesbrook School have provided us with a set of home digital challenges - are you able to rise to their challenge?